Terms and Conditions


If you are the person responsible for booking a Presentation on behalf of your organization, you will be required to confirm in person via telephone and then again in writing via email that you have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions set forth below. No booking will be considered either agreed or scheduled until both types of confirmation have occurred.


1. You understand and accept that I am a public speaker expressing a transgender perspective, a position of advocacy based on my own personal experience, considerable academic education and my continued belief that much of society still lacks access to adequate information and education concerning the transgender experience and the diversity within the transgender community.

I have no affiliation with any regulatory agency and no associated investigative or enforcement authority or powers. My role is to help, to enable you to ask questions you may need to ask, and to be supportive in your effort to learn.

You understand and accept that I do not claim to hold legal or medical expertise and the associated credentials, anymore than someone should claim an expertise in transgender issues solely by virtue of being a lawyer or physician. While I will offer my opinions concerning legal or medical circumstances which affect the transgender community, any clients or audiences who seek legal or medical expertise in these matters are advised to consult with accredited members of the relevant professions. I do not accept liability for any decisions my clients or audiences may make, or actions they may take, as a result of their interpretation, their reinterpretation or their possible misinterpretation of information I provide to them.

2. You understand and accept that I do not recognize the existence of a certified transgender perspective; nor do I claim to offer one. The transgender community comprises diverse groups of people bound together by experiencing gender identity differently than has been traditionally normative in our society. Considerable differences exist within the transgender community concerning the meaning and implications of this experience, and regarding the suitability and adaptability of various strategies for ending discrimination. As with feminism and various LGBTQ communities, the study of trans issues is a multidisciplinary and complex endeavour. The mere fact of disagreement does not establish irrelevance or inaccuracy in any one perspective. I encourage all trans people to find their voices and carefully guard their freedom to speak.

3. While I am happy to speak to teachers, educators and staff who provide primary and secondary levels of education, it is my policy that all participants and attendees at my Presentations must be at least 18 years of age. You understand and accept that compliance with this is the responsibility of your organization.

4. You understand and accept that my delivery of a Presentation to your organization does not guarantee, either implicitly or explicitly, that your organization will never experience human rights complaints or litigation which result from possible future interactions you may have with transgender employees, clients or members of the general public.

5. You understand and accept that the Presentation I give is the product you are purchasing, the delivery of which is complete upon the closing of the Presentation. Questions and discussions will be encouraged at allotted time periods during and following the Presentation. I retain sole discretion to determine the maximum duration of these discussion periods, sole discretion to determine whether the discussion has veered from a sense of relevancy, and sole discretion to cut short a discussion if I feel that any participant is using that time to disrupt the discussion or the overall presentation. You agree that any inability on my part to answer a question, whether due to time constraints or a lack of applicable information, or for any other reason, does not in any manner constitute a failure to deliver the Presentation.

6. You understand and accept that any violent or threatening behaviour or language that I may experience on your premises may result in the cancellation of a Presentation before it commences, or in the termination, without reimbursement, of a partially completed Presentation. If, in your judgement, there is a risk of such encounters on your premises due to the nature of your facility, its routine operations or its mandate, you agree to discuss this openly and candidly with me prior to my own decision as to whether or not I will attempt to provide my services. At all times, I will still reserve the right to cancel or curtail a Presentation if I feel safety has become a concern.

7. You understand and accept that, prior to any agreement to provide my services, there are reasons I may decline. These may include safety concerns, logistics, travel concerns, scheduling conflicts, or any perception on my part that the proposed engagement may represent a political attempt to manipulate, slander, libel or otherwise malign either myself or the transgender community. Any of these concerns will be assessed, defined and determined at my own discretion.


8. You understand and agree that full payment will be made by certified cheque or money order, paid to the order of Dee Sparling, and presented to me in person at the venue on the day of the Presentation, prior to the start of the Presentation. It is the responsibility of your organization to ensure that the instrument of payment has been authorized and signed by all who are required to do so within your organization.

9. You understand and accept that failure to provide payment at the above-designated time and place will delay the start of the Presentation until the situation is remedied, and may result in the postponement, rescheduling or outright cancellation of the Presentation if it appears that payment will not be provided as outlined and agreed in item 8.

10. You understand and accept that there will be no exceptions to the payment conditions outlined in items 8 and 9. It will be the responsibility of your organization, and of the person(s) designated by your organization to book the Presentation, to avoid a delay, postponement or cancellation of said Presentation for the reasons outlined in items 8 and 9.

Taxes and Your Receipt

11. I do not represent a charitable foundation and your payment does not constitute a charitable tax deduction. Further, you understand and accept that it is the responsibility of your organization’s financial officers to determine whether your payment constitutes a tax deductible business expense. I make no assertions in that regard.

12. For tax purposes, my name, address and phone number will appear on all receipts issued by me. You understand and accept that I might not apply for a business number until such time as my accrual of earned fees approaches the threshold actually requiring me to make such an application under the relevant tax laws. This means that such a designation may or may not appear on your receipt. It may be important to consult with your financial officers before making a booking, to determine whether or not this will constitute an administrative problem for your accounting team. You have been duly notified of this in advance, so that there will be no misunderstanding once I have been paid and I present you with your receipt.

13. In addition to acknowledging payment, your receipt will include a brief paragraph identifying the subject matter of the Presentation, a second paragraph clarifying that the Presentation and your payment do not constitute any form of certification on transgender issues nor any guarantee against future legal complications involving trans people, and a third paragraph acknowledging, however, that our interaction is clear evidence that your organization has taken the initiative to increase its awareness and sensitivity regarding the transgender community and trans experiences.

14. You agree that you and your organization will keep my personal information (appearing on your receipt) secure and confidential, accessible only to persons or agencies authorized to view it for tax purposes or for other necessary and bona fide administrative purposes within your organization.