About Services and Rates

I offer three approaches for broadening your staff’s understanding of trans people and our experiences in society and the workplace.

Hourly Consulting:

Your organization may need consultation on a specific issue that has arisen or is expected to arise, or perhaps some advice on the implementation of trans-inclusive strategies. Perhaps a small core of your staff need a brief primer on trans-issues for some upcoming events or scenarios. I offer in-person, hourly consulting at your facility at the following rates:

  • $200 for the first hour (minimum of one hour per appointment)
  • $150 per subsequent hour (and $37.50 per quarter hour)
  • Maximum five participants per appointment


Five or fewer staff sitting down with me for 3.5 hours will cost $570.00 (CAD).

Five or fewer staff sitting down with me for 1.25 hours will cost $237.50 (CAD).

While even a one-hour appointment could be helpful to your organization from an informational standpoint, I recommend 2-3 hours. This allows for more detail, better grasp of concepts and context, and greater participation from a question-and-answer standpoint.

Or . . . a Full-Day Presentation:

For larger groups of six or more participants, I offer a full-day presentation at a flat-rate of $1500 (CAD). For this approach you are encouraged to include up to 25 participants to take maximum advantage of the fee and receive a highly-detailed and comprehensive look at trans experiences.

For an hour-by-hour summary outline of the content and themes in a full-day Presentation, please go to the Presentation Outline.

Or . . . a Half-Day Presentation:

For larger groups of six or more participants, I also offer a half-day presentation at a flat-rate of $1200 (CAD). This is to allow that some organizations may not have the time or resources to set aside a full day for staff training. Again you are encouraged to include up to 25 participants. (The half-day presentation reduces the time devoted to trans history and culture, and to trans politics.)

(Note: If your organization has little-to-no familiarity with trans issues, the hourly-consultation approach is still an option, but booking an actual presentation is recommended.)

Below you will find information about the where and how of the Presentation, as well as the price of a booking:

Venue and Recommended Audience Size for Presentations:

The Presentation will take place in an appropriate venue in your organization’s facility (ie. boardroom, hall, presentation room, etc.). I use a combination of speaking, Powerpoint visuals, and question/answer/discussion segments to convey my message. (As you will note in the Presentation Outline, a lot of ground is going to be covered, so I like to set a good pace.)

The optimal audience size should be no less than 6, to maximize the value you receive for my fee (see below), and no more than 25, to ensure that everyone receives a fair opportunity to participate in the question and answer segments.

Style and Approach:

My presentation style is relaxed, with a down-to-earth approach in language and design. Given the subject matter, there may be some candid, though tasteful, discussion of human anatomy and sexuality issues at times. If you feel that some of your staff may be concerned about this, we can discuss this prior to booking to see whether some accommodation can be made without undermining the educational quality of the Presentation.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions they feel need to be asked, even if they feel the question might be awkward. If a question seems just a little too awkward, I will just politely decline to answer it. (Naturally, I will object to any question or banter which is clearly designed to offend or to disrupt the Presentation.)

No Audio or Visual Recording Permitted:

I do not permit any audio or visual recording of my Presentations, and will expect the mobile devices of participants to be off at all times except for during breaks. This helps to protect my own personal security while also ensuring that the identities of all participants and the venue itself remain confidential.


The fee to book the Presentation is $1500 (CAD) for a full-day and $1200 for a half-day. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the method and conditions of payment.

Travel Area:

For the time being, I will be booking only day-trip Presentations, limited to the Greater Toronto Area. That may change over time and any adjustment will be announced clearly on this website. If in future I expand the geographic range of my travels, reasonably priced expenses for travel and accommodation will be added to the Presentation fee.

This Website:

The site is designed strictly as a promotional platform for the Presentation I have developed and for connecting with decision-makers who feel it may benefit their organization’s knowledge and understanding of the transgender community.

The site is neither designed nor equipped to serve as a distress or crisis portal. If you are under 18 years of age and in distress or crisis, please contact . . .

Kids Help Phone



The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line


If you are an adult and in distress or crisis, please contact . . .

The Toronto Distress Centre


. . . or a similar service in your city, town or locale.


Please Note: No affiliation exists between myself and the counselling services above.