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DSwebsmallIn recent months and years exciting progress has been made in Ontario and Canada on the issue of transgender rights and trans access in society. This creates challenges and learning opportunities for organizations who take seriously the concept of inclusive design in workplace culture and in the provision of goods and services to marginalized people.

When it comes to transgender experiences, long sidelined by the dominant social culture, learning about the issues can seem daunting. Typically one encounters piecemeal or disorganized information – whether through broadcast media or on the Web – or highly politicized misperceptions about transgender realities. Catchphrases and changing lexicons abound, but a clear demonstration of how the concepts relate can be elusive. Connecting them with the actual interactions your organization may have with trans employees, clients or customers poses an additional challenge.

It does not have to be this way.

Drawing from twenty years of experience living as a trans woman in Toronto, I have developed a day-long presentation concept which I believe will give your staff a powerful and comprehensive appreciation of transgender experiences, and then relate that to practical, everyday interactions in a manner that can be helpful.

Best of all, I come with a sense of humour and welcome the awkward questions that really need to be asked in order to learn, but which might be risky to ask in everyday situations.

Please explore the site menu at the top of each page, where you will find more about the Presentation, its outline, a lot more about me, and an opportunity to contact me through this site.

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Dee Sparling


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